Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why do TV Networks rarely use online media to advertise their shows

So it's the start of a new ratings year and the networks are ramming whatever new shows they have down our throats.

We're getting the in-break promo's of course, but we're also getting hit with ATL activity across radio, large format outdoor, bus stops, newspapers and magazines ...

So what is missing?

Well (and this is a sample group of 1) - 95% of 08's MUST SEE TV is not being advertised online.

And I did a search on AdRelevance and all I could find was Network 10 advertising their programs on their own website. I also noticed Yahoo!7 utilising Google for some of their programs through my own digging around.

Does anyone else find it weird that some "media groups" trump up online as a must-buy medium ... but when it comes to their own media buys they completely overlook it as a viable option. Yes, I am aware many have their own portals ... but I still don't see much ATL display presence for these new show launches. I also think it calls into question the claims many of the groups make that online is an important medium for reaching the consumer and engaging with them. Do they really think this or are they more concerned with the revenue? Do as I say not as I do ...

There's no doubt online IS important ... no question ... but why won't most of the TV guys utilise it beyond an organic presence? Yes 7 are using search but their display presence is weak and 10 and 9 don't have any presence at all - neither does Foxtel (aside trying to drive subscribers through performance deals)

Anyone else have an opinion?

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