Monday, February 11, 2008

Deloitte Media Predictions Report 08

Covered here in very little depth at The Oz -,25197,23190342-26077,00.html

Topline summary:

- online industry may face increased regulatory scrutiny this year due to targeting sophistication
- report found a growing antipathy to online ads
- TV needs to do more online to grow their core product - TV

The summary doesn't really actually go into any ways online supposedly 'frustrates marketers' but it's easy to assume this is based around non standard measurement.

Thing is, lack of measurement is no issue for digital. It can be measured in the same way as normal media and offers greater depth ... so this is a weird angle. And lets not forget qualitative control/exposed studies can also go beyond traditional media metrics into awareness, recall, intention and other key metrics for brands. My personal feeling is the only issue with online that frustrates marketers is either a lack of understand or TOO MUCH data being generated from campaigns.

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