Friday, February 22, 2008

MindShare wins AdNews Agency Network of The Year

Glasses were clinking and champagne corks were popping last night as MindShare took out Agency Network of The Year at the AdNews Awards.

There's nothing as yet on the Adnews site (they must be either recovering or still celebrating up in Sydney) but it's a great result for the agency as the competition was tough.

Congrats Chris, Yanni, Tracey and the entire Sydney and Melbourne teams!


andrew pascoe said...

Congrats guys! Nice work.

Any word on who won the digital-related awards?

Ben Shepherd said...

all the winners are on the adnews site mate.

question though - do you think 'digital' specific awards are necessary now given digital should be at the core of any good agency?

andrew pascoe said...

I think that while digital depts of traditional creative agencies still think its acceptable to pass off an EXPANDING leaderboard version of a magazine ad as a great "digital" execution, and while traditional media agencies roll out social networks as buzzword bingo with little regard or ability for practical implementation, there is definitely scope for digital-specific awards.

Ben Shepherd said...

i miss that pascoe cynicism