Monday, May 5, 2008

Torrent usage in AU enjoying huge consumption increases

If you needed any more evidence that the way people consume broadcast media (especially TV) is changing, feast your eyes on these stats.
Bit Torrent usage in Australia continues to explode. Three key sites have experienced over 100% growth over the last 12 months - from already respectable base audiences.
Mininova - currently at 574k users (March 08) - up 123% year on year
The Pirate Bay - currently at 307k users - up 256% year on year
Torrentz - currently at 225k users - up 106% year on year
The unduplicated audience of these three sites is 702,000 people.
Source All: Neilsen Netview, March 2008
This is a huge amount. Torrents aren't just for the tech saavy anymore, they are mainstream and will keep growing.

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